Getting to Ste Foy - Hotels for Overnight Stops when driving to The Alps

Driving to the Alps, Hotel Stopovers

Overnight Stops

Here are some of our favourite hotels if you wish to make an overnight stopover en-route to Ste Foy. They are generally small hotels, but notable for either having a superb restaurant themselves, or close by! A number also have family rooms.

To give you an idea of how they fit into the timing of your journey, the green 'B' marker is roughly halfway (in terms of drive time) between Calais and Ste Foy.

1: Auberge du Pot d'Etain, L'Isle sur Serein

Small hotel in a characterful building, with quite stylish 'very French' rooms arranged haphazardly upstairs. They have a total of nine bedrooms, some of which are family rooms. The restaurant here is pretty exceptional, with a wine list extending to about 50 pages I seem to recall!! Also nice and friendly, somewhat smarter for eating than one in Vaux. Probably our favourite, but needs a slight detour to get to it, so use it less than Le Vauxois.

2: Hotel Le Vauxois, Vaux-sous-Aubigny

Lovely old building, into which they have fitted some bright IKEA style furnishings for some reason(!), giving bright and spacious rooms, several with double + a bunk bed. Their restaurant is about 200 yards down the road (called the 3 Provinces), very good food, very friendly and generally with an open fire, although of late, they seem to put hotel guests in an annexe dining room without the fire!

3: La Tour de Crecy, Crecy sur Serre

Tel: +33 (3) 23 80 80 11 Book through

Probably the simplest of the lot, but nevertheless one of our favourites - and cheap as chips! It is a very modest hotel, but what makes it really stand out is the lovely friendly service, thoughtful touches like giving you a large bottle of water as you retire for the night (rather than fleecing you via a mini-bar), decent bed linen and towels (beautifully folded!) and very clean spacious rooms which can easily accommodate families. The restaurant offers pizza or traditional French cuisine of a good standard. If you go expecting high-end luxury then you'll probably be disappointed, but if you go looking for a simple good value hotel, you'll be wowed!!

4: Hotel Henry II, Beaune

Beaune is a lovely little town, with an upmarket feel due to its wine heritage, and especially attractive during the winter months with the Christmas lights on display. The Hotel Henry II is actually a Best Western, so whilst there may well be more historic or characterful hotels around, it is friendly, the service is excellent and the rooms are clean (if a little compact). The key attraction though is that it's just on the edge of the heart of Beaune, and just a short walk from a fantastic restaurant called 'La Ciboulette' (Tel: +33 (0)3 80 24 70 72) which does excellent food, but also has a nice friendly a buzzy feel to it; gets very busy though, so essential to book in advance. The hotel can be booked direct, although the best deals are often available on

5: Hotel du Pot d'Etain, Chalons-en-Champagne

A couple of years since we stayed here, and looks like it's had a bit of a facelift!! When we stayed it was nice and friendly, rooms simple but maybe needing an update, so looks like they've done the right thing! No restaurant, but situated in the main square of Chalons which is quite pleasant, with restaurants close by. Have family rooms up to 4 people.